Webinar Recording: The Risk of Mobile Hotspots in the Enterprise

Lack of control over mobile hotspot devices has Enterprise IT on edge. Will mobile operators and device makers fill the gaps?

Enterprise Hotspot Webinar

The use of personal mobile hotspots in the workplace is perceived by Enterprise IT as an increased security risk. The same smartphone employees use to update Facebook and to entertain their kids is accessing the corporate network.

Now with mobile hotspot capabilities, smartphones are also providing internet access beyond the employee to a variety of connected devices belonging to friends, family, and potentially strangers. Mobile hotspot devices have created new network access points that enterprise IT is unable to audit or control.

In this webinar, we investigate these concerns and discuss the roles of the mobile operator and device maker, the consumer, and Enterprise IT in managing mobile hotspot devices.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Top enterprise mobile hotspot concerns, based on a national survey of IT managers
  • Why BYON (Bring-Your-Own-Network) poses new challenges beyond BYOD
  • How on-device policy controls for mobile hotspots can empower enterprises and consumers
  • What operators and device makers can do to alleviate concerns and drive adoption


About the Survey

The survey was conducted online by Global Market Insite, Inc, (GMI) in April 2013. This study surveyed 250 IT managers throughout the United States in various industries. These IT managers had to manage mobile devices for companies with over one hundred employees, and their employees had to be using personal mobile hotspots or smartphone hotspots.


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