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The Captivate™ platform* enables enterprises to create personalized, relevant mobile interactions with consumers. With its carrier-grade client-server architecture, Captivate is designed to offer highly precise customer insights that help B2C companies improve engagement with customers.

To accomplish this, Captivate captures mobile activities in real-time to model customer context and customer intent. Activities include device activity, location, dwell time, applications in-use, and more. Once context is determined, campaign rules trigger actions such as promotional offers, customer service offers, mobile friendly surveys, or contextual product information. 

The documentation below provides an overview of the vast set of data that can be collected with Captivate, and a quick-start user guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your own campaigns. Complete the form below to request your copy.

Captivate Data Dictionary

This document provides a comprehensive list of the fields that are currently supported by the Captivate client and reported to the Captivate server. The platform has been designed from the ground up to enable extensibility that will enable ongoing additions to the data dictionary as the product evolves.  While the data dictionary document specifies the available fields collected, the frequency and conditions for which to collect the parameters are fully configurable by customers through the Captivate Server Portal.

Captivate Portal User Guide

This user guide provides an overview of the key components of the Captivate Server Portal. In addition, it provides step-by-step tutorials regarding how to build new mobile engagement campaigns and data collection policies using event-based triggers and associated rules.

* Formerly NetWise Captivate. Some documentation may reference NetWise Captivate. This is the same product.


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