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NetWise Captivate Datasheet - Relevant and Valuable Mobile Engagement

NetWise Captivate is a big data and engagement engine that collects actionable data and enables meaningful mobile interactions with end users in real time.

NetWise Captivate Brochure

Savvy marketers are embracing mobile as the next big channel for customer engagement, but most of the focus is on mobile advertising, relying on demographic targeting to reach consumers of a certain type through certain apps and web sites. However, what’s missing in mobile engagement today is "context". Learn how the NetWise Captivate™ platform allows marketers to better understand consumer activity and behavior in order to offer more personalized, convenient mobile services.

Mobile Video Delivery in Hospitality Datasheet

Mobile video platforms, such as the Smith Micro VIDIO Prime™ solution, are laying the groundwork for hospitality network providers to create complementary, revenue-generating service experiences. Learn how Smith Micro can help drive engagement and revenue with simplified mobile media delivery.

Secure Mobile Connectivity in Public Safety

Public safety departments demand an adaptable network connectivity solution that provides secure, seamless, and persistent mobile access to 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. For field personnel, they must stay connected to critical dispatch systems or risk losing valuable time responding to emergencies. Learn how QuickLink Mobility can help public safety organizations stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Secure Device and Connection Management for Public Safety

Smartphones and tablets are becoming valuable public safety tools. However, with new technologies come new challenges. Today’s public safety agencies need a way to manage both the device and the way it connects to broadband networks. Discover how Smith Micro enables public safety agencies to take advantage of mobile technology by incorporating best-of-breed mobile connection management with over-the-air device management.

QuickLink Mobility Brochure

Enterprise mobility costs are ballooning out of control and organizations are scrambling to maintain administrative authority and security over their mobile workforces. To cut excessive spending, enterprises must be able to efficiently manage all elements of mobility. QuickLink Mobility from Smith Micro replaces the multitude of connection management applications provided by vendors and operators, minimizing customer care and reducing mobile expenses company-wide.