The VIDIO Prime™ platform is a powerful solution that enables Hospitality Providers, Content Owners and Publishers, Network Operators, and more to intelligently transcode and stream live and pre-recorded video content—all while securely reaching audiences on virtually any screen.

Simplified Video Delivery

Take advantage of a single solution to serve live TV and Video on Demand for an overall lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

  • Support for IPTV's from Samsung and LG
  • Massive device database to support any stream-capable device including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows phones, Blackberry and set-top boxes
  • Follow Me TV support to watch video on the TV, pause it, and resume playback on their mobile devices

Clientless Delivery

Simplifying the user experience is key to improved adoption.  The VIDIO Prime platform circumvents the need to install a client via:

  • Streaming to any web-enabled device, utilizing the device’s native media player
  • Scalable support for up to 2500 VOD sessions and 2500 LIVE sessions
  • A massive supported device database of over 91 million worldwide devices

Enterprise-grade Security

VIDIO Prime complies with secure industry standards such as:

  • Digital Rights Management via Verimatrix VCAS™ and Microsoft PlayReady™
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • User authentication
  • Node locking (by IP address)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Increased demand for video content means increased opportunities to insert ads for revenue growth. The VIDIO Prime transcoder supports:

  • On-the-fly ad rotation
  • Ad insertion in either pre-, mid-, or post-roll
  • Integration with numerous advertising aggregates

Adaptive Streaming

End-users have come to expect outstanding picture quality, which is why you need to deliver the best video possible. Our VIDIO Prime streamer offers:

  • Detection of end-user’s device and sending of highest quality video stream
  • Detection of changes in network conditions and automatic stream adjustment
  • Jitter-free video playback with minimal buffering
  • Fast video start up times of < 8 seconds for most devices

Intelligent Transcoding

Video content delivery can put significant strains on your CPU and storage space requirements. The VIDIO Prime transcoder is a highly intelligent solution that supports:

  • One Click Video Ingestion to steam to all devices and screens. Both batch and on-the-fly transcoding are supported
  • Creation of minimal number of output files with Codec Support for FLV, H263, and H264
  • Scalability of up to 2000 RTSP Sessions and 4500 HTTP sessions
  • Reduced CPU and storage space requirements

Real-Time Analytics

VIDIO Prime analytics allows content providers and enterprises to set up alerts and reports such as:

  • Platform health: number of nodes, disk usage, CPU usage, Up/Down, and more
  • # of streams, unique visitors, IP stats, popular content report, tracking by device
  • Geographical location
  • Diagnostics: how often the stream skips, stutters, buffers, and so on