QuickLink Mobility

QuickLink Mobility enables your mobile workforce to safely and easily access wireless networks from their Windows-based laptops. Access to critical data is secure, compliance with governmental security and privacy standards is enforced, and costs associated with mobile data usage is reduced.

Secure Mobile VPN

  • Two-factor and Device Authentication
  • FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption in 128-bit or 256-bit strengths
  • Carrier-agnostic connection management provides access and control over any network including Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi network preference for data offload
  • Session Persistence keeps user applications active between networks

Centralized Policy and Network Access Control

  • Rule-based device admission and updates
  • Deploy updates based on installed apps or status, versions, or registry settings
  • Policy-based remediation with user notification

Ready-to-Deploy Gateway Server

  • Combined or Stand-alone mVPN and CM clients
  • Pre-loaded Security Gateway Appliance for rapid deployment
  • Manage 1000 users per Gateway with integrated load-balancing server
  • Supports VM Ware deployments