Captivate for
Service Providers

Captivate empowers communication service providers (CSPs) to be customer-centric with mobile engagement to increase brand loyalty and reduce customer churn. Because it is built on proven, carrier-grade technology, Captivate will provide CSPs with flexibility, extensibility and operational efficiency that other mobile engagement solutions lack. It also supports SMB use cases for wireless carriers, enabling monetization of network assets with a business services model.

Key Features and Benefits for Service Providers:

Infinitely Extensible

The modular architecture of Captivate empowers service providers to apply context-rich engagement logic to an infinite number of business cases. With this extensibility, wireless service providers not only can roll out new technologies at will, new network monetization strategies can be developed without limits.

Carrier-grade campaign management

With any other mobile marketing solution, service providers will have to worry about the scalability and robustness of the technology they are deploying. With Captivate, this will never be an issue as the solution is built on three decades of carrier-grade embedded handset experience. Leveraging this experience, Smith Micro has developed a solution using standards-based device management techniques enabling automatic discovery of specific device capabilities, provisioning parameters and orchestration of campaign updates.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Winning the customer loyalty battle is the most important thing for CSPs... and how is this accomplished? Advanced customer insights. By learning and understanding each customer as an individual, Captivate provides the necessary level of intelligence to attack churn in a proactive manner and deliver an optimized wireless experience for each customer.

Sophisticated on-device engagement logic

With the Captivate SDK, service providers can add a powerful rules engine to each device on their network, enabling precise mobile engagement triggered by complex business logic that utilizes the full capacity of each device in real time.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

With its modular, building-block approach to rules creation, Captivate supports fast campaign rollouts with simple engagement scenarios and use cases. Of course as engagement strategies prove effective, more complex rules and scenarios can be built using the same modular development environment and rolled out OTA without impacting user experience or app “uptime.”

Deployment Flexibility

Wireless service providers can deploy the Captivate SDK pre-loaded as native device software for maximum reach, or they can integrate the client OTA via routine maintenance update.

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