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Innovative solutions for increased mobile engagement, secure mobile access and more


The Captivate™ mobile insights & engagement platform is the only mobile marketing solution that uses carrier-grade embedded software to deliver personalized mobile engagement. Powered by an on-device expert system that enables sophisticated mobile interactions and an extensible management platform that provides the flexibility each business requires, Captivate will empower you to deliver more with mobile.

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QuickLink Mobility

QuickLink Mobility enables your mobile workforce to safely and easily access wireless networks from their Windows-based laptops. Access to critical data is secure, compliance with governmental security and privacy standards is enforced, and mobile data usage costs is reduced.

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The VIDIO Prime™ platform is a powerful solution that enables Hospitality Providers, Content Owners and Publishers, Network Operators, and more to intelligently transcode and stream live and pre-recorded video content—all while securely reaching audiences on virtually any screen.

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