Mobile Solutions for an Increasingly Connected World




Learn how “context” creates a more personal approach to mobile engagement

When it comes to consumer engagement, mobile phones can be much more than small screens to deliver ads. Enhance your mobile marketing program by combining real-world situations with location-based services, purchase history, and the power of smartphones to offer a more personal brand experience to your customers.

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Mobile Video Technology for the
Hospitality Industry

As more hotel guests routinely stream video content on their personal devices, the screen they prefer to engage with is often the smartphone or tablet they used for check-in. Addressing the bring-your-own-device trend, which carries both challenges and rich opportunities, is key to creating relevant and engaging guest experiences that encourage purchases. Learn how Smith Micro can help.

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Public Safety

Ensuring Critical Public Safety Mobile Access

Every second counts when lives are at stake. So does every conversation and every mobile connection. Mobile data connections have to juggle between 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi while still maintaining security protocols. The ability to stay connected while on the job is of paramount importance to public safety professionals, especially in the field.

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Mobile Workforce

Innovative Solutions to Empower Your
Mobile Workforce

Managing a growing mobile workforce puts increased demands on enterprise IT administrators tasked with strengthening data security, providing reliable connectivity, and reducing mobility expenses across a diverse set of corporate and employee-owned devices.

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Tamper-Resistant Wireless Connectivity For
E-Learning and CIPA Compliance

Tablets and eReaders herald incredible new learning tools for today’s K-12 schools. However, with new technologies come new challenges for today’s educators. Schools must first ensure that mobile devices can effectively connect wirelessly to the internet, and to the school’s network, in order to access the full potential of these devices.

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