NetWise Platform

NetWise® is a proven device-based solution for wireless and cable network operators, as well as device manufacturers and OEMs. It's policy-on-device platform addresses the challenges central to today’s mobile lifestyle such as optimizing wireless Quality of Experience (QoE), connection and network traffic management, Wi-Fi discovery and authentication, and credential provisioning. Explore each piece of the NetWise platform below and harness the power of Policy-on-Device.

NetWise Director

The NetWise Director® solution helps both mobile and cable operators provide their subscribers with the best wireless network experience. Using the power of policy-on-device and intelligent radio control, NetWise Director seamlessly manages data connections to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. It also lets you evolve traffic controls as your needs change through over-the-air policy updates and built-in analytics.

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NetWise Optics

To deliver the best Quality of Experience, it is necessary to understand wireless service quality from the subscriber’s perspective. A key component of the NetWise policy-on-device platform, the NetWise Optics™ mobile analytics solution helps MNOs/MVNOs and Cable/MSOs to uncover performance blind spots and optimize Wi-Fi and cellular network quality for their subscribers.

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NetWise Passport

Enhance Wi-Fi for your subscribers with true “zero-click” provisioning. With the NetWise Passport™ credential provisioning solution, MNOs, MVNOs and Cable/MSOs can amplify the value of their Wi-Fi footprint by streamlining subscriber on-boarding and authentication.

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NetWise I/O

NetWise I/O is an innovative tool that offers a complete program for validating interoperability between network servers and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management.

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Benefits for Wireless Carriers/Cable-MSOs and Fixed-Line Operators

Use Cases

  • Traffic Management/Connection Management - Learn More
  • Wi-Fi On-boarding and Adoption - Learn More
  • Device-based Analytics & Reporting - Learn More
  • Wi-Fi First Mobile Data Service - Learn More
  • Contextual Mobile Engagement/Network-as-a-Service Channel partnerships - Learn More


  • Enables high network QoE for mobile end users - Learn More
  • Enables streamlined, user-friendly Wi-Fi network discovery/authentication - Learn More
  • Provides QoS analytics at point of consumption - Learn More
  • Facilitates proactive churn reduction strategies - Learn More