NetWise Platform

NetWise® is a policy-on-device platform that optimizes wireless Quality of Experience (QoE) and enhances mobile customer engagement. Addressing challenges central to today’s mobile lifestyle such as connection and network traffic management, Wi-Fi discovery/authentication, and intelligent mobile engagement, NetWise is a proven device-based solution for wireless and cable network operators, device manufacturers/OEMs and enterprises. Harness the power of Policy-on-Device. Explore each piece of the NetWise platform.

NetWise Director

The NetWise Director® solution helps both mobile and cable operators provide their subscribers with the best wireless network experience. Using the power of policy-on-device and intelligent radio control, NetWise Director seamlessly manages data connections to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. It also lets you evolve traffic controls as your needs change through over-the-air policy updates and built-in analytics.

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NetWise SmartSpot

The NetWise SmartSpot™ solution is a convenient, over-the-top application service providers can use to facilitate access to Wi-Fi networks, driving up Wi-Fi adoption rates. Using advanced Wi-Fi promotion and authentication, NetWise SmartSpot helps you reduce your mobile data costs, increase data offload rates, and better engage your users over Wi-Fi.

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NetWise Optics

To deliver the best Quality of Experience, it is necessary to understand wireless service quality from the subscriber’s perspective. A key component of the NetWise policy-on-device platform, the NetWise Optics™ mobile analytics solution helps MNOs/MVNOs and Cable/MSOs to uncover performance blind spots and optimize Wi-Fi and cellular network quality for their subscribers.

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NetWise Passport

Enhance Wi-Fi for your subscribers with true “zero-click” provisioning. With the NetWise Passport™ credential provisioning solution, MNOs, MVNOs and Cable/MSOs can amplify the value of their Wi-Fi footprint by streamlining subscriber on-boarding and authentication.

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NetWise Captivate

The NetWise Captivate™ platform enables digital marketers to create more personalized brand experiences for their customers through their smartphones. Using a rules-based, on-device business logic, NetWise Captivate enhances mobile marketing by adding richer consumer context and deep understanding of consumer intent. Deliver the right message or promotion to the right customer at the right time.

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NetWise Device Management

The NetWise® Device Management platform combines the powerful NetWise® on-device rules engine with the Open Mobile Alliance’s LightweightM2M (LwM2M) management object model to deliver an extensible, efficient and full-featured device management solution. Explore a solution that provides fault and diagnostics management, device provisioning, device configuration, and Firmware/SW updates.

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NetWise FOTA

Powered by the NetWise policy-on-device platform, NetWise FOTA is a turnkey firmware-over-the-air service that empowers OEMs, M2M system integrators and enterprises to update device firmware/software over-the-air (OTA), to proactively monitor device health with rules-based business logic, and efficiently manage connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

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NetWise OMC

NetWise Open Management Client (OMC) enables out-of-the-box compliance for carrier OMA-DM requirements, greatly reducing time-to-market and service costs of “in-field devices. Built on the carrier-grade NetWise platform, OMC supports core OMA standardized and proprietary management objects to enable real-time telecom service provisioning, device diagnostics, and rapid, over-the-air software updates and feature delivery for OEMs and device manufacturers.

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NetWise I/O

NetWise I/O is an innovative tool that offers a complete program for validating interoperability between network servers and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management.

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